Our Pastor


Meet Pastor Jeff Gindlesberger  GINDLESBERGER, Jeff & Mary

I grew up in a small town/rural environment of Wayne County, Ohio.  I am the middle child of three, with two sisters.   During part of my childhood, we lived and worked a small dairy farm,  so I think of myself as a farm boy.   I graduated from Northwestern High School, where I enjoyed baseball and wrestling, was a part of the show choir, and was involved in student government.  I graduated from Malone College (now Malone University) with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries, and then from Ashland Seminary with a Master of Divinity.  I was ordained as a deacon (1982) and elder (1984) in the United Methodist Church.

My wife , Mary, and I were married in August of 1983 and have been blessed with two sons, Jay and Sam. Jay is now a registered pharmacist and Sam is attending seminary at Asbury University.

Perhaps due to my long last name, most people call me “Pastor Jeff”.  Pastor is term I prefer, because it reflects a desire to care for and lead the people, like a shepherd might his sheep.

It has been my pleasure to serve here at Lakemore since July of 2002.

I enjoy sports, working outside, and handyman activities.