God’s Blessing to Each of you:

    We are blessed to experience the hand of God in the beauty of this fall season as each painted leaf carries a divine message, I am still with you. In the middle of all that we     endure, may we pause to rejoice in the splendor of life that we can so easily overlook.

Bear with me in sharing a number of thoughts:

Remember our Mission and Vision:

“Creating relationships, sharing faith in Christ, and growing together in a life devoted to God”

Forty Days of Prayer

I have felt the power of prayer during these forty days of prayer and know that in many ways we cannot always see and put our hands on what God is doing in our midst but we are not without his favor. It is God’s desire to guide his people in this setting at this time. Thank you for being a part of this prayer focus, including the drive around      Lakemore. We look forward to another period of formal prayer in the spring. There is never a time that prayer is not warranted.

 Upcoming Events

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a month away? A Community Thanksgiving Eve Service with sister churches will be November 23 at 6:30 p.m. Beyond that please take note of the fall calendar in hopes that you will be able to join us as much as possible. At the same time, there is room for more, now and in the near future please    contact me or a member of the Administrate Council with ideas and suggestions for events and programming. We have set two events for March 2023, the Steak Dinner on March 18, and the Spring Fest on March 25, as planning ahead has its merit. We hope to have another major outreach event in the spring and look forward to details as we need all hands and hearts to move forward. 

Bible Study and Thursday Prayer Time

The invitation is open to join us in the study of the Gospel of Mark at 11:15 a.m. on Thursdays and  prayer time at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday evenings. The studies are individual in nature so you can join us anytime, and you can come as your schedule permits. The prayer times is open for both joys and concerns, local and beyond. If you have a     concern call the church so that it will be included in the Thursday Prayer time.

Reaching out to all by all

You have done a great job in informing the church office of the life situations of our members and friends. I          encourage you to reach out to others. Missing someone is one thing, but reaching out with a phone call or visit is   putting your concern into action.

Giving and Expenses

During these tight days of inflation, Lakemore United Methodist Church has felt the pinch like all of us. We         appreciate your sacrificial giving and prayer as the finance committee struggles with the closing gap between giving and  income. In other words, over the last months, the expenses have exceeded our income as a result of a number of   factors.  Giving will be crucial for year-end as we approach the winter season when the utilities and other costs are predicted to increase significantly. Thank you for your giving now and in the future.

Simplified Accountable Structure (SAS)

Please see the article about this model later in the newsletter and if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to give me a call, especially if you are unable to attend one of our meetings. What a brave step forward the     Administrative Board has taken seeking to be faithful to our vision and mission.

Word of Thanks

We take our hats off to the many hands, and hearts that gave numerous hours before, during, and after the rummage sale on October 21 and 22. It is a joy in knowing that this event is both a fundraiser and a service to the community. It was not an easy feat to raise $1000.00!

   In Christ,

    Pastor, David A.E. Whitt